25 June 2016

PT PLN Persero Open Recruitment

PT PLN Persero Open Recruitment
Loker PT PLN (Persero) - Good Morning mate to all job seekers, this time I came back excited to share. That is the latest official jobs especially in Agustus 2015. A latest Rekrutmen BUMN PT. PLN You surely are familiar with  PLN, the company dedicated his efforts to illuminate our lives everyday. Beginning in the late 19th century, the development of electric power in Indonesia started to be increased when some of the original company of the Netherlands engaged in the tea factory and the sugar factory founded the power plant for the purposes of its own.  Between the years 1942-1945 happened inbetween the management companies the Netherlands by Japan, after the Netherlands to surrender to the forces of the army of Japan at the beginning of World War II. Transitioning power back happens at the end of World War II in August 1945, when Japan surrendered to the allies. This opportunity exploited by the youths and labourers Labour delegates through electrical/electrical and Gas Employees together with the leadership of the initiative Centre overlooking KNI President Sukarno to hand these companies to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. On 27 October 1945, President Sukarno formed the Bureau of electricity and Gas under the Ministry of public works and energy with hydroelectric capacity of 157.5 MW.

In June 2016 PT PLN (Persero) back open job vacancies, vacancies that open in June 2016 for Fresh Graduate jobs. For s schedule of activities, the implementation of the registration, and more info? Please read below.

In order to expand the network and meet the needs of human resources PT PLN (Persero) invite you to fill the following positions :

a) S1/D.IV :
  • Teknik Elektro, Arus Kuat, Sistem Tenaga Listrik (Kode : S1/ELE)
  • Elektronika, Kendali (Kode : S1/ALE)
  • Teknik Industri (Kode : S1/IND)

b) D III :
  • Teknik Elektro, Arus Kuat, Sistem Tenaga Listrik (Kode : D.III/ELE)
  • Elektronika, Kendali (Kode : D.III/ALE)
  • Manajemen Pemasaran, Administrasi Niaga, Administrasi Bisnis, Administrasi Perkantoran (Kode : D.III/MAN) 

Requirements :
  • The status of unmarried for not willing to undergo training and education prajabatan.
  • Preferred Men;
  • Undergraduate/Graduate d. IV or D.III with an age limit:
  • S1/D IV: Birth of 1990 and beyond
  • D.III: Birth of 1992 and beyond
  • Komulatif Achievement Index (IPK): S1/IND, D.III/MAN IPK ≥ 3.00 - S1/ELE, S1/ALE, D.III/ELE, D.III/ALE IPK ≥ 2.75 scale 4.00

Other :
  • Applicants are only allowed to select one field / Department of education levelsand corresponding courses / field
  • Applicants cannot apply to a level incompatible with a diploma which is owned
  • Applicants not currently registered as a participant in the stages of selection recruitment PLN
  • Online registration closed on July 22, 2016 at 17:00 GMT

Stages of selection for PT PLN (Persero) include :
  • Selection Of Administration
  • Intelligence Tests
  • United Kingdom Academic and language tests
  • Psychological Test
  • Health Tests
  • (To applicants with disabilities disability, special requirements are imposed according to needs and conditions)
  • Interview
  • Training: Prajabatan

Applicants who pass the psychological test stated, compulsory registration of files complete the following. If the file cannot be furnished, the participants stated to fall. Here is the file that is to be prepared :
  • Cover letter addressed to PT PLN (Persero) in particular the Head Development Division of talents
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of diploma / Graduate Certificate which legalized
  • The copy of the transcript of the last value that legalized
  • Copy Of ID CARD
  • Unmarried certificate from the village
  • Latest photo 3x4 sizes 2 - coloured sheet (name of participants are written on the back of the photo)
  • For Foreign graduate Applicants, obliged to attach the certificate of heigher education about equality and education level, IPK
  • For applicants from the graduate program of cross Lanes (D.III forward to D IV/S1), obliged to attach:
  • The D.III value of legalized transcripts
  • The D.III diploma legalized
  • Files put in the folder (the blue colour for S1/D IV and the color red to URD.III) in the order above by writing down the name and the code is applied on the cover of the folder

If you are interested about this recruitment, and want to know about its requirements, please follow the link below.

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