29 September 2011

PT Bank Mega Tbk

PT Bank Mega Tbk systematically continue to increase the quantity of human resources by recruiting effort has been ready to use through a system of recruitment, placement and remuneration of employees who applied and continually assessed to obtain optimal results.

Business development plan with PT Bank Mega Tbk concern that development be grounded by employees is absolutely necessary to anticipate on the development of the business world and a dynamic economy. Currently we open career opportunities to fill positioned as :

PT Bank Mega Rceruitment
Marketing Funding
Magelang (Jawa Tengah)
Closing date, june 10 2012

Requirements :
  • Male/Female
  • minimum Undergraduate or graduate D3 Appearance should be interesting
  • high minimum 160 cm are willing to work with the target With marketing and have many relations/customer base is good
  • especially in the area of the city of Magelang and beyond experience is not an absolute

Responsibilities :
  • Increase the number of new customers for the Giro and Savings products
  • as well as Deposits memaintain NOA managed so as not to place the closing
  • Do marketing credit cards to different source/location of both individuals, institutions, traditional markets/shopping centers, offices, hospitals or through exhibitions and the like as well as do cross selling to customer relations
  • Fostering good relations with all of our customers in order to maintain and increase the volume of DPK meet all customer needs in accordance with expectations by following the applicable provisions and procedures

Send your application letter by following the link below :

Bank Mega Career