15 August 2012

ASEI Insurance Recruiment 2012

lowongan BUMN ASuransi ASEIPT. Asuransi Ekspor Indonesia or called Asuransi  ASEI is the State-owned enterprises (BUMN) engaged in the fields of insurance and guarantees to support the development of non-oil and gas exports on the basis of national government regulations. In contrast to other common insurance agency, insurance product has special ASEI could cover the risks borne by exporters and banks, namely the risk of payment failure, both export credit repayment bank to export that channeled exporters (export credit insurance) as well as payment of the export transactions overseas importers to exporters (export insurance). Now, for growth up the Company, ASEI open recruitment for following positions as :

 Analyst (Code Position: ANL)
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree education of all departments of universities
  • Experienced analysts/researchers at a minimum as 1 year/fresh graduate
  • A minimum GPA of 3.00
  • Capable of speaking and spoken United Kingdom
  • A maximum of 35 years of age
 Staff insurance (Code position: SAS)
  • Minimum of Bachelor's degree from the universities of all departments.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.00.
  • Have work experience in the precedence field general insurance/suretyship (marketing, underwriting, reinsurance, claims & subrogasi), banking and other financial institutions (as an account officer, credit analyst/marketing) at least 2 years.
  • Fresh graduate may apply.
  • Able to speak United Kingdom active orally and written.
  • A maximum of 35 years of age.
For further information you can go to here , If you interested and qualified you can send your CV with results of the scan supporting documents to following addres below before 31 August 2012 :
 Asuransi ASEI Career

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