15 August 2012

Regional HC Business Partner | PT. BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk | 2012

PT. BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI) which was founded in 1982 is one of the major players in the business of multi-finance in Indonesia which focuses on financing industrial heavy equipment and motor vehicles.
As an independent company (not affiliated), BFI has a healthy balance sheet with large capital. BFI currently has a strong marketing network and spread across the archipelago.

  Regional HC Business Partner

  Jakarta Raya
  Closing Date:15-9-12


  • As a business partner in providing support / input to the business.
  • Responsible for HR functions including Recruitment, Training, administrative staffing, employee development, and industrial relations
  • Managing and developing HR team in the Region in order to function optimally in providing support for branch employees
  • Monitoring the implementation of HR fungdi in all branches in the area of ​​West Java


  • Male / Female, max age 32 years
  • Min S1 - All Programs, Min. GPA 2.75
  • Experience as an HR min for 3 years, and as a supervisor min for 2 years
  • Have a high drive, communication skills and good interpersonal skills and able to lead the team
  • Have comunication skills (C & C, presentation, negotiation, persuasion)
  • Ability to work with terget
  • Willing to travel agencies

                                           If you are interested, please following link :