20 September 2012

Bank Indonesia Recruitment 2012

Bank Indonesia Recruitment The structure undergoes continuous improvement in order to perform better within the dynamics of the national and international economy. In the future, Bank Indonesia’s organizational architecture will be directed toward two core task namely Monetary Stability and Financial System Stability.
Bank Indonesia organization comprises of three primary fields that define its primary tasks, namely Monetary, Banking, and the Payment System. There is also the role of internal management as a strategic support unit to ensure the three primary domains run smoothly, effectively, and efficiently. In performing its tasks, Bank Indonesia has an office network throughout the Indonesian region, known as Bank Indonesia’s Regional Offices and a handful of overseas representatives, known as Representative Offices.

Assistant Security

  • Indonesian citizen, Male.
  • Minimum age 20 years old and maximum 23 years old on September 16, 2012.
  • Formal education at least high school graduate / equivalent and maximum D2 / equivalent.
  • Has the average value of the UN, at least 6 to graduate high school / equivalent, and a minimum GPA of 2.75 for D1/D2 graduate / equivalent.
  • Minimum height 167 cm with proportional weight.
  • Physically and mentally healthy, which did not color blind and do not have a vision impairment (not wearing glasses / contact lenses).
  • Never had a criminal conviction or criminal litigation.
  • Has no siblings or wife and working as employees or prospective employees in Bank Indonesia.
  • Preferred residence in accordance with the area of ​​the Representative Office of Bank Indonesia proposed.
If you are interested and meet qualifications you can apply by Online to following Bank Indonesia link belowe before 30 September 2012 :
  Recruitment Bank Indonesia


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