18 November 2014

PT Blue Gas Indonesia Field Collection

PT Blue Gas Indonesia Field Collection
PT Blue Gas Indonesia became fully operational since 1991 under the name. Camping Gas Indonesia, a PMA Company (Foreign Investment, the Application December Gaz and Tigaraksa-Holding). In 2000 a change into Domestic (Domestic Investment) and the company name was changed to PT. Blue Gas Indonesia. The products we produce that gas stove, hose, regulator, gas cylinders and gas refills brand blue gaz. We participated in disseminating the use of LPG to all Indonesian people, who previously used kerosene as fuel for cooking. Since the first process, we do education to prosek about products that use LPG to the concept of Direct Selling and the method of payment in cash or installment. Along with the development of the market in 2006, PT. Blue Gas Indonesia launched household appliances by brand Vienta. We invite you to join to fill the following positions.

Field Collection

Job Description:
  • Maximum 30 years
  • Minimum D3 any majors
  • Has a motor and SIM C
  • Understanding consumer billing procedures
  • Goal oriented, independent, have the analytical ability and independence of thought, and love the field work 
If you are interested, please send your cover letter directly to the following address.

PT. Blue Gas Indonesia
Jln. Raya Pulo Gebang KM 3 Cakung
Jakarta Timur - 13510

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