10 June 2015

Bank Panin Senior Account Officer

Bank Panin Senior Account OfficerStrong capital base and calculating risk management have enabled Panin Bank to withstand various economic upheavals and periods of uncertainty. Panin Bank is one of the few banks in Indonesia that did not go through recapitalization process following 1998 Monetary Crisis. To maintain its competitive edge, PaninBank has adopted progressive business approaches. The company motto--"Always For You" or For You Always underlines reliability and consistency. Founded in 1971, Panin Bank was listed on Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1982 as the first bank to go public in Indonesia. Since the beginning of the company, Panin Bank management has made their utmost efforts to deliver the best to the stakeholders, by maintaining the balance between prudential banking and progressive growth. We need you for the position.

Senior Account Officer

Job Description:
  • Doing the whole process of granting (or extension) Debtor facility which it is responsible, especially the process of analyzing the feasibility of providing facilities and making proposals
  • Monitoring (monitoring) Debtor's business development is its responsibility
Criteria of employees:
  • S1 from all majors
  • Age 25 s / d 30 years
  • Minimum 2 years experience in banking
  • Have a minimum of 2 years working experience as an Account Officer or in a similar job
  • Have good analytical skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skill
  • Understand and master the banking credit products
  • English mastery of at least passively
  • Mastering the operation of computer applications, especially MS Office
Please register online at the following link.

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