8 August 2015

Loker Bank BCA Syariah Teller Mikro

Bank BCA Syariah Teller MikroThe development of Islamic banking is growing quite rapidly in recent years show an interest society about Sharia economy growing. To meet the needs of the customer, then the Sharia service will be based on the acquisition deed no. 72 dated 12th June 2009 made before Notary Dr. Irawan Soerodjo, S.H., Msi., Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) acquired a Major International Bank, PT Bank (Bank UIB) who later became Bank BCA Syariah, Further more based on deed of Declaration Decisions outside meetings of limited liability company PT Bank UIB No. 49 made before Notary Pudji Sustenance Irawati, S.H., dated December 16, 2009, regarding changes to the business activities and change of name from PT Bank UIB to PT Bank BCA. The amendment deed was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in his decision Letter No. AHU-01929. AH. 01: 14 January 2010. We need you for the position as follows :

Teller Mikro

Job Description:
  • Help in running the business needs of operational processes and completeness of customer data in accordance with the External and Internal Bank
  • Fully responsible toward the process of opening new client accounts and CIF
  • Perform completeness of customer data
  • Serving clients in the transaction in cash or non cash well and properly in accordance with the applicable procedure
  • Process Cash pick-up and Collection in accordance with the provisions of the applicable
  • Do matching (reconciliation) cash, teller transaction, matching CPU/Collection, transfer, and ensure all transactions are in accordance with the evidence of the transaction
  • Make daily reports
  • Cross-selling and running service excellence
Qualifying Position:
  • Maximum age of 28 years
  • At least D3 All majors
  • Experienced, at least 1 year as a Teller or task-related micro-Cash/Cash
  • Conscientious and hardworking
  • Able to work in a group or individual
  • Able to communicate well
  • Have the ability in analyzing
  • Have the SIM C and is capable of driving two-wheeled vehicle
  • Able to operate computer MS Office, min.
  • Can immediately join
Submit your application immediately to the address below.

HSD BCA Syariah
Jl. Jatinegara Timur No. 72, Jakarta Timur

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