7 August 2012

Bank Kaltim Open Recruitment 2012

lowongan Bank KaltimThe existence of BPD Kaltim was established with the intention and purpose is to assist and encourage the growth of the economy and regional development in all areas as well as all its one of the original regional sources of income in order to improve the people's living standards so that materialize a prosperous community of East Kalimantan. BPD Kaltim is one of the Areas (BUMD) owned by the provincial government and County Government/city se-Kaltim all its fruit yield level I thought Governor KDH Kaltim Mr. A. Muis Hasan was founded on 14 October 1965 under rule of the region. In this time, BPD Kaltim open opportunities to the young professionals candidate potentially to join and develop career together with following position as :

General Requirements :
  • Have good communication skills with Indonesian Language
  • Has communication skills English properly with include/TOEFL score value
  • Willing in place in all regions of the regional development banks work with East Kalimantan include Letters and statements made above duty and are known to be signed and approved by the parent/guardian.
  • Admmistrasi required for the position of unmarried (evidenced by the certificate of Registry/KUA) and willing to not to marry during trainee.
  • Can operate with minimal Computer (Microsoft Office Word. Excell & Rawer taint)
 Administrative Position
  • Men/Women
  • Maximum age: 28 years for the education of D3 and 30 years for S1
  • Education at least D3 and Universities/private Accredited with the requirements of the GPA as follows:
    1. a minimum of 2.75 to Accreditation A.
    2. a minimum of 3.00 to Accreditation B.
    3. a minimum of 3.25 for the accreditation of C.
  • Disciplines: Economics, taxation, math. Statistics, business administration & Fisheries, agriculture, forestry, Commerce, communications, international relations, Psychology, law, engineering, computer science and Informatics.
  • Men/Women
  • A maximum of 32 years of age.
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree education of High Penguruan
  • State/private Accredited with a minimum 2.75 GPA
  • From around the disipin science
  • Experienced in the field of public accounting/Auditors
  • at least 2 years.
If you feel interested, you can registration by Online to the folowing BPD Kaltim Site below before 31 August 2012.
 Bank Kaltim Career

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