11 November 2013

Recruitment Bank BCA Syariah Audit Internal

Lowongan Kerja diBank
The development of Islamic banking is growing quite rapidly in recent years show an interest society about Sharia economy growing. To meet the needs of the customer, then the Sharia service will be based on the acquisition deed no. 72 dated 12th June 2009 made before Notary Dr. Irawan Soerodjo, S.H., Msi., PT.Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) acquired a Major International Bank, PT Bank (Bank UIB) who later became PT. Bank Syariah, BCAFurthermore based on deed of Declaration Decisions outside meetings of limited liability company PT Bank UIB No. 49 made before Notary Pudji Sustenance Irawati, S.H., dated December 16, 2009, regarding changes to the business activities and change of name from PT Bank UIB to PT Bank BCA. The amendment deed was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in his decision Letter No. AHU-01929. AH. 01: 14 January 2010. On the same date the sale was done 1 shares to BCA Finance, so that ownership of shares for 99,9997% owned by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, and offended. 00003% owned by PT BCA Finance.Changes to the business activities of conventional bank Bank became a public bank syariah confirmed by Governor of Bank Indonesia through decision of the Governor of BI No. 12/13/KEP.DpG/GBI/2010 dated March 2, 2010. By obtaining such permission, on April 5, 2010, BCA Sharia officially operate as a public bank syariah. We need you for the position as follows :

Audit Internal (Operational)
  • Plan, direct, supervise and evaluate the process of the implementation of the duties and responsibilities as the Auditor of Sharia branch offices and Services.
  • A special audit of indication deviation/fraud or on customer complaints or other third parties.
  • Other special audit at the request of President Director and Audit Committee.
  • Gather source data and compiled a report on the audit and investigation results are accurate, timely and on target.
  • Monitor the follow-up on audit findings and case resolution.
  • Plan and co-author of a report proposed to improve input/draft policy, system and audit procedures.
  • Examines the development of the internal and external Bank that affect the Internal Audit function and duties.
  • Collect and process data and information in the external as well as internal audit reports to supplement the thoroughly.
  • Review government regulations, Bank Indonesia and other regulators, as well as its impact on the Bank's policies and strategies in the area of internal oversight.
  • Directing and evaluating the risk profile of the Bank and provide opinions on the adequacy of the risk profile assessment process.
  • Drafting/reviewing, propose and coordinate the training materials for internal oversight branch.
  • A maximum of 35 years
  • Male/Female
  • S1 all majors (economy Accounting for more diuatamakan)
  • Master standard operations and audit procedures, and understand the internal bank policies and procedures
  • Understand the financial statements of the bank.
  • Capable of berfikirkonseptual, logical, critical and analytical.
  • High Motivation, initiative and able to work in teams.
  • High integrity.
  • Interpersonal relations weaves have the ability.
  • Communicative
  • Able to work quickly with tight deadlines.
  • Willing to perform tasks out of town.
  • Menguasi MS Office.
  • External mengenaiperaturan Knowledge related to banking and Islamic banking.
  • Have experience working in the field of 2tahun min. operational auditor in banking
If you are interested and you want work in Bank BCA Syariah please following link if you have the abouve qualification and you can apply this job before 12 December 2013 :

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