2 March 2015

PT Astra Honda Motor Engineering Analyst

PT Astra Honda Motor Engineering Analyst
PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is a pioneer motorcycle industry in Indonesia. Founded on June 11, 1971 with the original name of PT Federal Motor. At that time, PT Federal Motor only assemble, while its components imported from Japan in the form of CKD (completely knock down). The type of the first motorcycles in Honda's production is a business type, S 4-engined Z no 90 with a capacity of 90cc. amount of production in the first year for one year only 1,500 units, however, surged to around 30 thousand in the year and continues to grow to this day. The motorcycle continued to grow and became one of the main mode of transportation in Indonesia. In 2001 PT Federal Motor and several subsidiary companies in the merger into one under the name of PT Astra Honda Motor, the composition of its ownership to 50% owned by PT Astra International Tbk and 50% of Honda Motor Co. Japan. On this occasion we invite the young candidates to join fill the following positions.


Job Description
  • Calculating the capacity and cost / unit for the production line. Basic design concept for the fixture / equipment / infrastructure / inspection jig. Develop program to improve the efficiency and productivity of production
  • Have Overcome / Semester End S1
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering
  • Minimum GPA 3.00
  • Age Maximum 26 Years
  • Have an interest in manufacturing
  • Understand spec machine / jig / equipment / infrastructure
  • Understand engineering drawings
  • Understanding the function of the component and material properties
  • Have good analytical skills

Please register online at the following link.

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