13 May 2015

Bank Central Asia Program Account Officer

Bank Central Asia Program Account Officer
Bank Central Asia has taken the first step since 55 years ago. Along the way is, of course, have many challenges and faced sharp gravel. However, thanks to the variety of obstacles that is capable of driving in the BCA with a strong presence on every inch of the road that passed through the existence of the BCA as one of the biggest private bank, the trusted leader, and gained recognition from many parties, particularly its loyal clients. With maturity, the maturity and stability of this BCA will continue to step up into better and more advanced again. At her age now, growing increasingly ripe for BCA spirit and perseverance of all employees in the face of all the challenges that come your way in the future. The role of the customer who selects the BCA as to success together has also become an indispensable part in the course of the BCA. Bank BCA Invite you to join with the Company for the following position as.

Program Account Officer

Job Description:
  • Account Officer Program is a training program for 1 (one) year to prepare candidates BCA Account Officer in order to be ready to enter the working world. The main task of an account officer in the BCA is marketing, feasibility analysis of credit applications, as well as monitoring the managed credit. After graduating the training, participants will be directly appointed as permanent employees in BCA
  • Maximum age 25 years
  • Graduate degree (S1) with a minimum GPA of 2.75 (4.00 scale)
  • Attractive
  • Have good analytical skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Having the desire of achievement
  • Placement in BCA Branch Office
  • Willing to marry for 1 (one) years of education
  • Willing to undergo a bond after education
Please send your cover letter to the following address.

Bank Central Asia
Jl Letjen S. Parman Kav. 79 lantai 21
West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

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