8 July 2015

BTPN Relationship Management

BTPN Relationship Management
BTPN has come a long way, since it was founded in Bandung, West Java in 1958, and later changed its name in 1986 to the National Savings Bank. BTPN starts recorded in the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2008 and a year later added to micro-finance business from the portfolio of banking services in addition to retirement.Like a coin has two sides are inseparable, the empowerment program elements are integrated with our business model. In all of products and activities, we constantly strive to create opportunities to grow and live a more meaningful for all customers BTPN. In BTPN, we believe that people from all walks of life have a desire to achieve more meaningful. Create opportunities to grow BTPN and move optimally shared through Operations Management Development Program (OMDP) with the aim to prepare future leaders to be forged in BTPN programs are structured, particularly in the area of Operations. Now,  for detail in below.

Relationship Management

Job Description:
  • Coordinate and men support Non-Bank Head Relationship Management and other Team in maintaining good relations and cooperation with the Non-Bank Financial Institution roomates that can provide benefits for Bank Achieved the targets set
  • Minimal S1
  • Having experience in banking, particularly the Financial Institution at least 2 years
  • Having a network (network) wide
  • Master the business and the products and Non Bank Financial Institution Bank
  • Knowing the bank's business in general
  • Mastering the techniques of financial analysis
  • Mastering MS Excel, MS Word and MS Powerpoint

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