16 October 2015

Loker BUMN Perum Bulog

Loker BUMN Perum Bulog
Loker BUMN Perum Bulog - Public Enterprise Logistics Agency or abbreviated Bulog is a state-owned company engaged in food logistics. The company business scope includes business logistics / warehousing, survey and eradication of pests, the provision of plastic bags, transport business, food commodity trading and retail businesses. Bulog was formed on May 10, 1967 by the Decree of the Presidium of the Cabinet No. 114 / Kep / 1967. Since 2003, the status of Bulog into SOEs. As a company that remains the task of the public from the government, Bulog still conducting maintain floor prices for the purchase of grain, stabilization of prices, especially the cost, distribute rice for the poor (Raskin) and management of food stocks. Formally the Indonesian government began in the handling of food in the Dutch colonial era, when the establishment Voedings Middelen Fonds (VMF) in charge of buying, selling, and providing foodstuffs. In the Japanese colonial period, VMF frozen and emerged a new institution named Nanyo Nanyo Kōhatsu Kohatsu Kaisha or KK In the transitional period after independence there is a dualism handling food problem.

In oktober 2015 Loker BUMN Perum Bulog back open career opportunities or the lates vacancy opened august 2015 for lowongan kerja Fresh Graduate. What are the activities schedule info, when implementation of the enrollment, how his condition ? Please read below.

In order to expand the business network in oktober 2015 and to meet the needs of the human resources of BUMN Perum Bulog in the latest Vacancy position:

Posisi Loker Perum BULOG :

1. Diploma III :
  • Pemasaran
  • Perpajakan
  • Keuangan
  • Akuntansi
  • Manajemen
  • Teknik Elektro
  • Teknik Mesin
  • Teknik Industri
  • Teknik Pertanian
  • Teknik Informatika
  • Teknik Sipil
  • Teknik Arsitektur
  • Ilmu Komunikasi
  • Kearsipan
  • Administrasi Niaga
  • Sekretaris
  • Analis Kimia
  • Transportasi/Logistik
2. SMK dengan Program Studi Keahlian :
  • Teknik Mesin, dengan jurusan : 
  • Teknik Permesinan
  • Teknik Pemeliharaan Mekanik Industri
  • Mekanisme Pertanian
  • Agribisnis Pertanian denagn jurusan: Teknologi  Pengolahan Hasil Pertanian
  • Administrasi dengan jurusan: Akuntansi
  • Keuangan dengan jurusan: Akuntansi
  • Tata Niaga dengan jurusan: Pemasaran
  • A Citizen Of Indonesia
  • Male/female age maximum of 27 years (D III) and a maximum of 22 years (CMS) per 30 September 2015
  • Family status unmarried (single)
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 for PTN and at least 3.00 for PTS (D III) and the value of national examination at least 7 (CMS)
  • Willing to be placed in all regions of Indonesia
  • Willing to follow bond in Perum BULOG for 3 years
  • Willing to pay a fine of IDR 75.000.000-(seventy-five million rupiah) if resigned during bond
  • Not willing to get married during a trial period of 1 (one) year
  • The statement never teribat in the use of DRUGS
  • Being of good character stated in the Affidavits police records/SKCK (can be following after graduation announcements verification time Administration)
  • Healthy physical, spiritual, not tattooed, no bertindik and no history of the disease (which is expressed in the certificate by the Government hospitals)
  • Statement of step 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 is poured in the affidavit part (can be downloaded on the web registration)
Noted :
Loker BUMN Perum Bulog closed on date: Oktober 24, 2015

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BUMN Perum Bulog>>

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