2 October 2015

Loker PT Dirgantara Indonesia

Loker PT Dirgantara IndonesiaPT Dirgantara Indonesia began in 1946 with the establishment of the Bureau of Planning and Construction Army aircraft in the Air Force of the Republic of Indonesia in Madiun, which is then concentrated in Andir, Bandung. In 1953, the event got a new container with the name of Section Experiments in 1957 turned into Sub Depot investigations, experiments and Making Aircraft. In 1960, Sub Depot upgraded into the Aviation Industry Preparation Institute (LAPIP) which later changed to Command Execution Aircraft Industry (KOPELAPIP) which in 1966 merged with PN Aircraft Industry Berdikari be Nurtanio Aviation Industry Institute (LIPNUR). In 1975, PT Pertamina formed Division of Advanced Technology and Aviation Technology (ATTP) which aims to prepare the infrastructure for the aerospace industry in Indonesia. Based on the Deed No. 15, April 24, 1976, established PT Industri Aircraft, headed by Prof. Dr. Ing. BJ Habibie. This company is a merger between LIPNUR and ATTP. Then in April 1986, through Presidential Decree (Presidential Decree) N0. 15/1986 and the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company, the company name was changed to PT Nusantara Aircraft Industry (IPTN) and August 24, 2000, the company name was officially changed by the current President of the Republic of Indonesia to PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI).

In september 2015 Loker PT Dirgantara Indonesia back open career opportunities or the lates vacancy opened august 2015 for lowongan kerja Fresh Graduate. What are the activities schedule info, when implementation of the enrollment, how his condition ? Please read below.

In order to expand the business network in september 2015 and to meet the needs of the human resources of PT Dirgantara Indonesia in the latest Vacancy position:

Our PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) to hire graduates as follows:
  • D4 Teknik Mesin
  • Teknik Penerbangan
  • D3 Teknik Mesin
  • Aeronautika
  • Teknik Kimia
  • Teknik Elektro
If you are interested, please send us the following email.


enclosing supporting documents such as:
  • Foto copy ijazah
  • Daftar riwayat hidup
  • Transkrip nilai
  • Pas photo 4x6 1 (satu) lembar
With the subject "Applicants (Space) Department (Space) University".

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